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ANTIQUE FURNITURE had been everlasting part of excellent taste of wealthy living as the artistic beauty and quality works of it’s cabinet makers met the hedonistic attitude which closely connected to privileged social classes.

Each furniture collection has it’s inspiration taken directly from the original antique English-American furniture before being handmade and intricately carved by our highly skilled craftsmen practising time honoured traditional methods.

To enhance it’s natural beauty each piece is then hand painted or polished and slightly distressed to give a subtly aged, timelessly elegant appearance. A protective finish is then applied ensuring that each reproduction piece is individual and unique to you.

Specializing in English-American furniture at surprisingly affordable prices, Raisa House of Excellence has a range of simply stunning collections.

Whether you are looking for subtle and understated, chic and minimal or just would like to make a bold statement you could create a stylish interior that is as individual as you.

Our commitment to customer service and fine quality has helped us establish an extensive customer base and has also made us a popular source for designers seeking English-american antique furniture. We hope you enjoy your visit to our web site.

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